How I Write – Part 3

Remember earlier when I said the story is like I put a DVD in and can zip around it? Well when I’m writing I often use this ‘feature’ of my brain so I know what to write next. Sometimes it even surprises me because I didn’t see something coming and sometimes I don’t even know my own characters.

Characters are terribly difficult creatures to work with. One might think ‘well he’s making them up so they do what he says..’ To a point that’s true. But sometimes you hae one of these characters that just doesn’t follow the rules, doesn’t pay attention to what you want and is just downright beligerent.

The Dawn of the iGuido

What there’s nothing new here? Huh, must be because Mark from ReelSEO is in town and brought me the iPhone I’ve been wanting. So I’ve been toying and tinkering with it and I think it’s…meh. It’s big and sleek but the touch typing is just a futile fat finger f-up. They made those keys for…

How I Write – Part 2

Welcome to the second chronicle following the creation of Myranda’s Story – The Journey of Why. A few things have come to light today. I’ve realized that essentially the chronicling I’m doing here parallels what I’m asking developers to do at Gamers Daily News with the developer diaries. This is essentially a developer diary of the creation of a book or series of books much like they keep diaries about how the game development progresses.