Calling All Adventurers! New Tabletop RPG Monthly Modules

Do you seek fame and fortune? Is glorious battle your bailiwick?  Is fighting evil your elixir of life?

Then enter ye here and find endless adventure for you and your friends. Innumerable pathways will lead to neverending action, dangerous dungeon crawls, ancient evils, frivolous fey, and more!

Each month a new adventure will take shape and be offered for those who yearn for greatness. Gather thy friends and strike fear in the hearts of your foes. Fortune, fame, glory and honor are all yours for the taking!

To kick off this new Patreon project, I am giving away the first module, The Mad Prophets of Xizuuloth, until March 15th! This is to demonstrate the quality of product that will be released monthly and to show how much content can be expected in each one.

Something is wrong in the village of Highvale, nestled between the God’s Teeth peaks. While the truce with the nearby, surface-dwelling goblins has been tenuous, it has always held. Animosity has been low, aside from some of the more old-fashioned villagers. But now, a wave of xenophobia is taking root in the village. More and more of its residents are calling for the destruction of the local goblin clan that lives on the nearby mountain slope.An adventure for three to five 1st level characters.Free until March 15th for everyone. After that it will become a Patron only post broken down into the specific tiers.

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