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What makes People hate Donald Trump So Much?

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Argh! Donald Trump is the worst! So say a lot of people, but what’s really driving everyone’s hatred of America’s 45th President? Let’s take a look at what’s going through people’s minds and why they love to hate Donald Trump. This article would be extremely long if we were to cite all reasons for why people hate Donald Trump, so we’ve pared it down to a quick read.

His Misogynistic Words/Lifestyle

A lot of people hate The Donald because they say he’s sexist. He’s been caught on record numerous times making disparaging, sexist, misogynistic comments. Here’s a quick list of some of the bigger zingers. This is but the tip of the iceberg.

  • Name calling: Slob, Disgusting animal, Pig, Dog, Fat – all things he’s publicly called women
  • Abortion: Women should be punished for having them.
  • Ivanka: Winning the creepy dad award by making comments about her beauty, and how he’d be dating her if she wasn’t his daughter. Eww!
  • Appearance: He said that women in journalism can write anything, as long as they have a ‘young and beautiful piece of ass.’
  • Treatment: How to treat women? Like sluts.

Donald Trump Lies, Incessantly

Politifact probably had to hire on new fact checkers when Trump was elected due to his constant lying. This is another reason that people hate Donald Trump. What’s he lied about? Here are a few.

  • Russia: He said the FBI and NSA have told Congress that Russia didn’t include the electoral process. They didn’t, though perhaps he wishes they would.
  • Germany & NATO: He’s stated Germany owes around $3B to NATO for its defense of the country. NATO doesn’t get paid for defense by its members. Each member agrees to try to spend a specific amount of their GDP.
  • Wiretapping: His infamous, and potentially illegal Tweets about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. Which have now been pretty much debunked by the House Intel Committee which has said there’s no evidence that Trump was under surveillance.

Other Reasons People Hate Donald Trump

All that is just a small portion of reasons why people hate Donald Trump. Other reasons include his admiration of dictators, he didn’t build a business – he inherited it, and his speech that is specifically aimed at causing conflict. Further reasons are that he’s incited his supporters to violence (per a pending lawsuit), he’s made openly racist comments (like how Mexicans are rapist and thieves), and he refused to denounce white supremacist groups who support him.

Others hate Donald Trump because of his constant tweeting about the press, his opponents, and foreign countries in a very Mean Girls, high school sort of way. He rarely ever has support for his accusations and sounds like a small child throwing a tantrum quite often. Not to mention how much time he’s spent golfing, when he said he wouldn’t golf at all if elected. Does everyone hate Donald Trump? Doubtful. Do those that do hate Donald Trump have good reason? That’s up for everyone to decide on their own as most people are still free to have an opinion about things, for or against Mr. Trump.

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What are the Best Work Boot Brands

There are a long list of great work boot brands to choose from these days. Some you may not even have heard of and some that have been around for over a century. We’re going to round up all the big names in work boot brands with a brief rundown of what each brand is all about.

Ariat Work Boots

Ariat is one of the newest work boot brands on the market, founded in 1992-93 in Union City, California. They began with work boot brandsequestrian footwear in an effort to innovate in the area. It’s worked, as they are the official footwear of the Professional Bull Riding league as well as several others. As such, their work boots tend toward a cowboy boot style (Workhog series) though they have also branched out into more traditional styles with their Intrepid product series.

They target everything from light duty, to ranching, and industrial. These boots have also merged their two lines and come up with cowboy boot-styled work boots in the Intrepid series which feature composite toes. They also make steel toes and boots that range up to 14 inches in height.

Caterpillar Work Boots

Known as CAT for short, Caterpillar is a leading maker of heavy machinery for mining and other industries. Diversifying their products, they also joined other work boot brands and seek to outfit people who use their other equipment through licensing agreements. Caterpillar has been making machinery since the 1920’s. There are several styles of work boots each focused on a particular feature; comfort, toughness, lightweight, and flexibility. CAT Footwear is a licensee of the Caterpillar brand and these boots are made by Wolverine (see below).

Doc Martens Work Boots

Yes, the company known for their casual, air sole boots and shoes also rank on the work boot brands list. The now-UK company was founded in Germany in 1947 by German doctor, Klaus Martens. After an ankle injury he redesigned his army boots and created his air sole. The shoes we know today, including the iconic AirWair, are manufactured by R. Griggs Group a subsidiary of the Permira equity company.

They also make safety shoes and work boots including a line of electrical hazard-focused boots. These all feature the air sole along with slip resistant outer soles, and steel, composite or soft toes. Their styles are very traditional, all in black or dark brown leather.

Keen Work Boots

Keen is one of the younger work boot brands, founded by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst in 2003 in Alameda, California. Now, its main headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. They base their philosophy on what they call a HybridLife. This philosophy is based on making products that have a versatile range and work for anything outdoors. It also reaches into their business practices and other products like socks and bags.

They have branched out into work boots and shoes. Their styles look more like casual shoes and feature slip-on and lace-up, waterproof, and soft or steel toe options. Their product lines look line something you’d find in a nature outfitter store but have all the safety options of standard work boots.

Red Wing Work Boots

Red Wing Shoes is one of the oldest American work boot brands, and has been around since 1905. They hail from Red Wing, Minnesota where founder Charles Beckman saw a need for tough, durable work boots. They began making boots for miners, farmers, lumberjacks and the like.

That’s over 110 years of making work boots which gives them a lot of experience and skill. Nowadays one can readily find their boots in nearly every industry that requires durable, safe boots to protect worker feet. They believe in endurance, hard work and no compromise in terms of quality. Also part of Red Wing brand work boots are Irish Setter which makes work boots as well as those for hunting. Vasque is another Red Wing brand, but they focus on hiking footwear.

Thorogood Work Boots

Part of the Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Thorogood is one of the longest-running work boot brands, having been around since 1892. Back then they called them jobber boots as in safety boots designed for specific jobs. Where Keen looks to make products for all uses, Thorogood makes a single product for a single job.

Their parent company, Weinbrenner, is employee-owned and their manufacturing is done in Wisconsin where the company is also headquartered. Other brands include 1892, Wood n’ Stream, and Shoe In.

Timberland Work Boots

Timberland, like other work boot brands, has been around for a long time with its founding in 1918. However, the name Timberland didn’t come into use until the early 1970’s. They are a subsidiary of VF Corporation which owns a range of clothing and footwear brands and started back in 1899 making mittens and gloves in Pennsylvania.

Timberland makes the original “yellow” work boot, that classic light brown-yellow leather style, the model 10061. Their PRO line encompasses their work boots which mostly look like work boots. However, over time they have expanded their offerings and now have several more modern looking styles. They feature composite, alloy, steel and soft toes. They sell Oxford and slip on work shoes, lace up and Wellington-style slip-ons and taller boots they call loggers a style aimed at lumberjacks. Their highest work boots offer 10 inches of leg protection.

Wolverine Worldwide Work Boots

Wolverine id the oldest of the work boot brands, having been founded in 1883 beating out Thorogood by nine years. They started in Grand Rapids, Michigan but have since moved to Rockford Michigan. During their long history they have had a couple names, developed pigskin suede and pigskin gloves for the U.S. Navy, and have expanded overseas. Their work boot offerings are more traditional in style but with modern elements. Styles range from standard lace-up boots to Wellingtons-style slip-ons and come in a range of colors and materials. By far, they have the widest variety of work boot options and styles.

Other brands include Hush Puppies, Chaco, Merrell, Sebago, Keds, Sperry Top-Sider, Saucony, and Stride Rite.

This article is part of the Stolen Content Writing project. Which is work I was not paid for after completion. I am reprinting them here to lower their SEO value. If you purchased this article from someone, contact me.

WEIRD Prom Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!

This article is part of the Stolen Content Writing project. Which is work I was not paid for after completion. I am reprinting them here to lower their SEO value. If you purchased this article from someone, contact me.

Prom is right around the corner. Time to get those little prom prep problems solved with some awesome life hacks. These super cool tips will help you get over your weirdest issues with your dress, shoes, hair and accessories.

Life Hacks for Dresses

These life hacks could save you a lot of cash and still have you looking hot. Have a similarly sized older sister, or friend done with school? Call and see if they’ve got some formal wear you can buy. Worried that someone will know it’s not new? Make a couple embellishments and change it up. Add a fancy sash, or jeweled belt. This adds bling factor and gives the dress a different line.

Worried about how that strapless fits? A little too revealing? Pair it with a sheer top that gives you extra cover while still being stunning. Plus, you can jump in it then.

Prom life hacks

Life Hacks for Shoes

Need new shoes? Here are a couple life hacks that will help. Get shoes you’ll wear again instead of a pair that you’ll wear once and then toss in your closet never to be seen again. Alternately, get crafty and make some shoes you’ve got fancy enough to wear.

Here are a couple life hacks for shoe comfort. Compare comfort on heels by checking the distance between heel and forefoot, that part just behind the toes. Your foot only flexes comfortably to a certain degree. A shoe that matches that angle is better than one that crams your foot into a nearly upright position.

New shoes not broken in yet? Here are great life hacks to get them into shape so you’re comfortable standing and dancing all night. Grab your hair dryer and put on a couple pairs of socks then slide the shoes on. It’ll be extra snug but that’s OK. Aim that hair dryer, at the tightest spots and then flex, stretch and move your foot. This’ll help stretch those areas and keep them from rubbing painfully. Keep your feet in them until the shoes cool down, then take the socks off and check the fit. If you still find a problem area, do it again.

Life Hacks for Hair

These life hacks will help you match your dress with your hair. If you’re wearing a higher neckline you can get away with hair pulled back or loose. If you’ve got a one-shoulder dress move your hair to one side to match, or offset the neckline. Wearing your hair up and have too many strays? Get a cheap, soft, craft paint or makeup brush that you can spray with hairspray and brush them down.

Not sure how you’re going to wear your hair? Get some hairstyle life hacks from a long line of princesses who know what they’re doing, Disney princesses. Every one of them has had spectacular hair, whether they’re running from palace guards or just learning to walk on land. gathered up the stray ends and put together 15 Disney princess-inspired hairstyles with instructions.

Hair Pin Life Hacks: If you’re doing a do that needs pins or clips, coat them in hairspray before you put them in your hair. This will not only help you get them in, but it will also help keep them in place all night. Then spray your whole do with a light, flexible hairspray to keep it looking good.

Life Hacks for Accessories

Accessories can make or break your overall prom look, so get them right with these quick life hacks. If you haven’t got the perfect hair clip, or your phone case and clutch don’t match your dress, get crafty. Head to a craft store like Michael’s or Jo-ann Fabrics and find some matching bling that you can attach to your clips, cases or clutches. Use a modeling glue to attach it, or a hot glue gun. This will help give everything you’re carrying a similar style and look.

Pro Life Hacks: If using glitter, put a top coat of Modge Podge over it to keep from shedding glitter all night long and coating your companion in it.

Follow these life hacks and they’ll save you money, keep you looking good, and feeling great. That’s the key to a perfect prom night after all. And remember, have fun!