Foundations Journey of Why

Read Foundations, For FREE Online!

I’ve entered Foundations, Book I in the Journey of Why, into a Sci-Fi contest on That means there are 100 free copies of the book to be read. Simply follow the link and you’ll be able to read the book that started the series, in its entirety, completely free. Even if you have already…

Election day meteor

Election Day!

It’s Election Day in the USA. This ties directly into this book and the entire series as when I started out telling the story I decided to make it a ‘retro Sci-Fi’ story. Sci-Fi used to be used mainly to tell cautionary tales of the future where things aren’t always as rosy as they appear,…

FCC Trying to Trick You on Net Neutrality

Let’s face it, the FCC just never seems all that clever, nor do they seem to ever have the actual best interests of the people as their main goal. This has never been more evident than in their new alleged definition of Net Neutrality. Here’s a letter from the ECA (Entertainment Consumers Association) that does a great job of explaining the problems with what the FCC is trying to do.

Even if you don’t read this whole thing, be sure to go read the petition and sign it. Because in the end, we, the consumers will end up paying more in money, censorship and poor service.