UnTravel Blog: The UnBirthday

It’s my birthday, 38th. Nothing special. Most of them aren’t really. In fact I’ve gone so far as to not be anywhere near people who might have remotely known it was my birthday in years past. This year is something different altogether.This year I’ve just returned to the Czech Republic after 2 months of traveling. Frequent readers of the blog will be well aware of this fact. I find myself in Liberec about 100km away from Prague with no friends in town. Hana is off on a business trip and well…I just don’t have many friends here. Acquaintances, yes. Friends, no. So that’s life right?

Honestly, it’s no big deal. I received a LOAD of birthday wishes from friends and family via email and Facebook so that counts. Of course it’s not the same as being in the same place as I am to have a drink with me or whatever. But who cares. It’s just the 38th anniversary of my birth. It’s not like it’s a national holiday or anything (maybe in a 100 years it will be). It’s a day just like any other. Except that I worked a little less, drank a little more and splurged on a new book for myself. Exciting stuff I know. But with all the adventures in life, a birthday just isn’t that big of a deal really.

And yet, I’m a little sad that there’s no one around to share it with me. No one made the effort to even consider being in the same physical place as I am. But when you travel as much as I do it’s hard to catch up to me right?

Heh…let’s face it…few will ever catch up to me 🙂 And so I had a shot of Jameson to celebrate my mother’s pain, my father’s fear and my birth… a shot to celebrate my triumphs and my failures, my adventures and my depressions. The highs, the lows and every day in between… all culminated in one shot of Irish whiskey and a beer…well maybe I’ll have another one just to make sure I cover them all hmmm?

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