This is the personal space of Christophor Rick and the freelance writing company P. G. Wordhouse.

It is also a resource to find the written work of Christophor Rick and links to previous work done for others. For more information please contact Christophor (dot) Rick (at) Gmail (dot) com.

  • My experience includes:
  • U.S. Navy
  • NASA Astrobiology Academy
  • B.S. in Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology
  • 5 years of professional English teaching
  • 7 years of professional journalism
  • 8 years of freelance writing, proofreading & editing
  • 3 years of social media management

I have traveled to more than 125 cities in 26 countries and have a wide range of personal experiences that uniquely position me to intelligently write on a wide variety of topics. For further samples of my writing, to request a quote or to discuss a project please feel free to contact me at the above email address.