Video Editing Portfolio

Over the years I have picked up video editing skills for various projects. I’ve always found it interesting that a series of images that themselves are not moving, can create a sense of motion. That motion can then tell a story, elicit and emotional reaction, make people laugh, cry, cringe in fear. This is a quick list of some video editing work I have done. I like the use of color, transitions and

Professional Video Editing Projects

This video went on to be nominated in the Wisconsin Area Music Industry awards. We went for a mostly surveillance footage feel with some glitching transitions and some comedy. I played the Asylum Doctor.

WAMI-nominated music video for Hi/Jack

A friend approached me and said the organization didn’t have a lot of money but wanted a promo video. I sourced the music from another friend and his band with their permission. I went for a high-energy, fast-paced sense of excitement and action. Punk rock meets thunder and lightning essentially.

Promo video for Milwaukee Men’s Roller Derby

Two of the performers came to me and asked if I could take footage provided and turn it into a promo. I went with an old-timey feel because of the way Vourteque delivered his narration. So I created the graphics and then pieced together the footage they gave me into an old scatchy black-and-white promo.

Dinder Brother’s Circus Promo

In 2012 I was a top five finalist in the nationwide ZoomTilt TV Reset scriptwriting contest for web series. We were given 2 weeks and $2000 to create a pilot episode for our series and then it was a social media popularity contest to choose the winner. I wanted it to be a mix of comic books and old film noir. I played the main character.

Not So Super pilot episode

Personal Video Editing Experiments

The Knapp family later got a television deal in History for Milwaukee Blacksmith. We were working to put together some interesting footage for them to use as part of a show pitch.

Promo Video and Color Experiment

The hard contrast of Ingmar Bergman films always intrigued me. It felt, at times, like the subjects were abstract and laid over the environments we saw them in. This was my attempt to recreate that look and feeling in a time when bright color, loud noise and quick action are the norm. A nod to Bergman and Sven Nykvist.

A short film about being alone

I was just trying to learn some Affer Effects and such. These are just some fun examples I made.

With PBC I was going to tell a weird sci-fi story from the perspective of a BBC like interdimensional viewpoint. The battlefield footage was all done with blankets and toy tanks, etc. The visual feel was to be that of remote drone footage.

A PBC alert about an impending transdimensional rift war.

My daughter and I wanted to make a PSA video about the importance of hand washing when the Corona pandemic started. We did a scientific experiment, shot footage and then made this video for the K3-K5 class to watch. It’s a Beakman’s World, silly science sort of vibe.

When you have like 30 free minutes to do video editing 😉

Way back in 2011 when I didn’t really have a lot of video editing practice or programs I managed to make a sort of time travel train ride when living in Czechia. The sense of time travel is done by color changes from b&w to sepia, to full color.