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It’s been years since I’ve been an active freelance writer. But I’m back at it and rapidly gaining a new client base, and I’m starting to remember all the reasons that I love being a freelance writer.


I have been working in other industries for the past several years. During that time, I lost track of my freelance writing clients, contacts, and portfolios. Now, I’m working back toward the freedom and independence of the freelance writing lifestyle. That said, I’m nearly at ground zero. So I have to remember how I did it the first time, and do it again.

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Being a freelance writer is a tough biz at times. Often I get proposals declined with statements like this.

…found someone else with long portfolio and better price…

I’m a Milwaukee area freelancer.

As a freelance writer, content marketer, social media strategist and copywriter I have over 3,000 articles published online and in print, on a wide range of topics including technology, finance, science, consumer electronics, travel and video games.

I also created, storyboarded and produced marketing videos, and static graphic design projects for clients. I have been tasked with content marketing, web design and search engine optimization as well as engaging with and activating an online audience through social media, forums, newsletters and other outlets.

Journalism/Research Articles

The New Threat of Climate Change: Environmental Refugees

Trapped Populations: Held Hostage by Climate Change

Bringing Blockchain to the Unbanked

Cryptocurrency, Tech and Science Articles at Valuewalk

Content Marketing, Social Media Management:

Recent Articles:

Unpaid Project – Article Writing

2014-15: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and all blog content for GameLock

2013-14: Social Media management, event coordination for INdustri Cafe.

Travel Writing Examples:

Article Writing:

  • – Continuing contributor of articles about online video, marketing and search engine optimization.
  • Gamers Daily News – Editor-in-Chief – Most News, some reviews, interviews and editorials.
  • New Cool Tech – All content until January 2009
  • – I researched the packages, wrote the reviews and made the chart.

Technical Writing:

Critical Writing:


  • i9000 Networks – 95% of site.
  • About 1st Healthy Eating
  • About 1st HealthyLiving
  • About 1st Fitness Pro
  • Bliss Babe UK Home, About, Sizing Guide, Delivery & Returns
  • Techware Solutions 95% of site
  • Long Beach Web Design All 5 links on the yellow menu bar
  • CubeCart Hosting 95% of site
  • 9K Hosting 95% of site
  • Abyss Aquatics – 85% of the site
  • Cheshire Aquaculture – Most of site

Blog Writing:

Social Media Strategy & Consulting:

I also do social media management and online marketing for firms. Previous projects that I have consulted on, or manage entirely, include:

  • Myspace, FacebookTwitter for Classical Connect
  • Facebook page for ReelSEO (2011-12)
  • Myspace, Twitter, Facebook for Gamers Daily News (sold in 2012)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – GameLock 2012-13
  • Facebook, Twitter – Industri Cafe 2013-14
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – Hi Hat Garage 2015-16

Other Notes:

You can also follow my writing on Twitter where I post much of the new stuff as it is published. You will also find me on Facebook,  LinkedIn, mosaicHub, and other social networks and freelance sites.


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