Blog at GDN: Baby Shaker Pulled from App Store

HA! As if putting the exclamation point on my earlier entry about Apple iPhone gaming apps needing a Sheriff, Apple goes ahead and approves a ‘game’ where you shake a crying baby until it dies. Well done guys! I mean I can see how you would let that app slide and not the South Park app… Surely South Park, which is on television and seen by millions is in far worse taste than that app.

In fact, I’m betting that the South Park team are at this very moment working up a script on this very topic because really, how could they not?

Seriously though, I’m not exactly sure what’s worse – the fact that Sikalosoft (who will probably now go down in gaming infamy) made the game or the fact that the Apple App store Overlords approved it? Frankly I see all parties at fault.

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