Not So Super… Season One Kickstarter Reward Levels Breakdown

For as little at $1 you can show some support for Not So Super… However, you don’t really get much out of that so here is a quick list of the other options available plus all the rewards you’ll receive for your support.

Pledge $5 or more

  • Innocent Bystander level – Your name will be listed on the official Not So Super… website as a Kickstarter Innocent Bystander.

Pledge $10 or more

  • Not So Innocent Bystander level – Your name will be listed on the official website as a Not So Innocent Bystander and you will receive a Kickstarter exclusive Not So Super… postcard in the mail with a special thank you from the creator.

Not So Super… Kickstarter Launched!

After months of pondering and weeks of planning, we’ve finally launched the Kickstarter for Season One of Not So Super…

We are looking to raise enough money to make the first season and hopefully snowball that into the other four seasons. It’s going to be a long uphill battle to make the $55,000 goal of the Kickstarter but we believe the show will be worth it in the end.

The Story

A superhero midlife crisis. After years of retirement, Hero suits up to fight crime with old & new villains, despite his wife’s wishes.

What happens when a superhero hits a midlife crisis? Vince is having problems in both halves of his life, at home his marriage is crumbling because of his return to being Hero, while ‘on duty’ he’s been feeling not so super and his lack of confidence is painfully evident in his failures. Even the city is losing faith in their Protector. The tone will be dark and dramatic with some comedic elements.