What Makes Games Good?

On a phone interview today someone asked me what I think makes a game good. It was an easy question that I spoke at length on and thought I would share here.

A game is more than just a sum of its pieces to me. The major pieces of each game include graphics, sound, control, gameplay, fun and value. These are the major facets that I see in a game. Of course some of them are fluid and can change. For example a game might have crap single player action but the most awesome multiplayer. That’s sort of sad really because it shows not only that the developers didn’t take the time to balance but that perhaps they are a little out of touch with their customers, us, the gamers.

Bad Economy, Big Bucks for Games Industry

The global economy is in the crapper. Millions have lost their jobs, some their homes and more. And yet, the games industry grows. 11% worldwide last year. People are turning to games as a form of entertainment with high value and low cost when compared to other forms like concerts and movies. Meanwhile, the gaming…