Travel Blog: Olympics, Assassinations and more

NOTE: I know I’m a few days behind. But this is going to be some serious content so buckle up.

Some of you might know that Sarajevo was the location for the Olympics in 1984. Fewer of you might remember that it was where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated sparking the First World War. Others of you might remember that there was some sort of war here. All of you would be right, but you don’t know Jack about Sarajevo.…

Travel Blog: The Big Mostar Gallery

Now before you look at this gallery I ask that you go and read the previous entry because it’s very very informative even if it’s not a happy post. But travel is about experience, feelings and learning something new. It’s about finding out the truth of what happened where you are visiting and what the people think.  So that’s why you need to read: Travel Blog: Behind the Lines, or Between them