Senator Joe Lieberman Supports Censorship, Do YOU?

United States Senator Joe Lieberman, of Connecticut, is continuing to show his support of government censorship of the press with continued calls that media organizations be prosecuted for displaying Wikileaks Cablegate information. Of course, he talked to FOX News about it.

The New York Times reports: “I certainly believe that WikiLeaks has violated the Espionage Act, but then what about the news organizations — including The Times — that accepted it and distributed it?” Mr. Lieberman said, adding: “To me, The New York Times has committed at least an act of bad citizenship, and whether they have committed a crime, I think that bears a very intensive inquiry by the Justice Department.”…

EFF in Support of WikiLeaks and Anti-Censorship

The EFF is a noble cause and there are many times that I am in complete agreement if not perpetually. This is again one of those times. They too saw the damage that the US proposed law poses to freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

Republished from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Say No to Online Censorship!

Recent publications made by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks have fueled an emotionally charged debate about the secrecy of government information and the people’s right to know. This debate has turned into a massive attack on the right of intermediaries to publish truthful information.…

Upcoming WikiLeaks Protests, Events

Not everything is about protest, some of these events are actually about discussing the contents of WikiLeaks and the media service itself. Several events and protests are scheduled for Australia, Canada, Austria, the UK, Germany and the US. There should be far more than there are currently. I robust, open, discourse about the information that Wikileaks is putting out will prevent the governments of the world for squashing your right to know what they are doing because they won’t be able to stop us all, nor should they try. The more they push against Wikileaks and the information, the more guilty they look. Presently, the US looks pretty damned guilty to me based on its actions.…