Content Thievery

UPDATE: The content has been pulled down from the site. Either my comment on it or this post was effective. I have since removed the name of the culprit from the post here.

It has come to my attention that someone has pilfered an entire article which she had no rights to republish. The article in question: How to Make Online Video Accessible to SMBs was written by me and the sole publishing rights belong to Theft of this nature is unconscionable and was perpetrated with the knowledge that it was wrong, yet she did it anyway believing I and my clients would not find out. Thanks to CopyScape we are well aware when someone does this.

In essence she is in violation of intellectual property, licensing rights and copyright infringement. I have respectfully asked her to remove the content or to pay for a license to republish it.

Apparently, she believes that this sort of publishing of the hard work of others will make her some sort of expert in something.

I call this to your attention for several reasons. Firstly, so that you yourself do not become tempted to steal the work of others in the same fashion. Secondly, to make certain that it is known that I do not work for her, with her or have any tie to her in any way, she simply stole the content. Thirdly, I’m just sort of pissed off and this is what writers do when they are pissed off.

Finally, this will now prompt me to CopyScape all of my writing. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have had a problem if she had asked ReelSEO for permission to republish part of the article. But to steal the entire thing without even asking for the right to publish any of it… poor form, extremely poor form.

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