Major Characters in The Journey of Why

Myranda – The 12-year-old main character of the story. A curious sort of girl who wants to know the inner workings of everything. In a land where questioning the Establishment can get you ‘disappeared’ it’s only a matter of time before she gets into serious trouble.

“It’s Myranda…with a Y”

“How Appropriate…”



Guggenheim – A tall, thin man with sharp angular features and an all black outfit. Leader of Administration in Myranda’s home Level.

His arms are too long or perhaps his hands were too large. Something seemed wrong about this man. -Myranda’s thoughts when first seeing him.

Daniel – The 15-year-old boy with a ‘big, toothy, genuine grin.‘ Companion at Administration.

Sam РThe dour, gruff, perpetually scowling  companion in Administration who then escapes with Daniel and Myranda.

Renfair Comrade of Guggenheim’s who does the same work as him but in the next Level. They once worked together in the past and were friends, now they meet again and there’s no telling what might happen.

Laszlo – The kindly old man with long, strange, wispy white hair who teaches in the second Level. He is part of Jacob’s Movement. Learns some of the secrets of Product and utilizes it to their advantage.

Alszbet – The daughter of Laszlo, picked up in the second Level and continues to travel with the group on their journey of discovery.

Jacob – The story goes that 10-year-old Jacob was playing near the train when his parents were working. He subsequently fell asleep in the train and as it started leaving he was too afraid to jump off. To the horror of everyone watching he could be seen entering the Trainway where the Train travels through the Western Boundary to somewhere else…the sounds of screaming are said to have reached the ears of all present and he is believed dead. Now he is the leader of an underground movement fighting against Renfair and trying to find out what the Establishment is all about.

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