Myranda’s Home – “That’s how it is and how it’s always been.” The standard reply in Myranda’s hometown in reply to any questions about why something is the way it is. The underground society which is responsible for creating The Product and placing it on a train that periodically appears in town. A terrible place to live where everyone barely survives and there is never enough of anything to go around. People who question things too much or too vocally are known to simply ‘be disappeared.’

Administration -The place where troublesome young people are taken to help them fit into society. Often, people who enter Administration never return to society. Guggenheim is the head of Administration.

The Western Boundary – This towering wall of shining black material is the end of Myranda’s world and the same goes for everyone else. There’s something forboding about it. No one wants to live near it and it’s said to be cold to the touch at all times as if it is draining away your life. Only Guggenheim seems completely unaffected by it as Administration is burrowed out of it.

Jacob’s Level – Slightly less oppressive atmosphere and government but almost a mirror image of Myranda’s home. An underground rebellion has sprung up and gleaned some interesting information about The Establishment.

“Look at the buildings, the roofs aren’t anything like at home…” -Sam

“And these signs, those aren’t any words I’ve ever seen or heard before” -Daniel

The Compound – Renfair’s equivalent of Guggenheim’s Administration. The difference is that Renfair operates on physical fear. His compound is visible from almost everywhere and Detention is fenced in by the Zapper a fence with enough charge to “cook a full-grown man through and through in a matter of seconds.” -Renfair

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