What makes People hate Donald Trump So Much?

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Argh! Donald Trump is the worst! So say a lot of people, but what’s really driving everyone’s hatred of America’s 45th President? Let’s take a look at what’s going through people’s minds and why they love to hate Donald Trump. This article would be extremely long if we were to cite all reasons for why people hate Donald Trump, so we’ve pared it down to a quick read.

His Misogynistic Words/Lifestyle

A lot of people hate The Donald because they say he’s sexist. He’s been caught on record numerous times making disparaging, sexist, misogynistic comments. Here’s a quick list of some of the bigger zingers. This is but the tip of the iceberg.

  • Name calling: Slob, Disgusting animal, Pig, Dog, Fat – all things he’s publicly called women
  • Abortion: Women should be punished for having them.
  • Ivanka: Winning the creepy dad award by making comments about her beauty, and how he’d be dating her if she wasn’t his daughter. Eww!
  • Appearance: He said that women in journalism can write anything, as long as they have a ‘young and beautiful piece of ass.’
  • Treatment: How to treat women? Like sluts.

Donald Trump Lies, Incessantly

Politifact probably had to hire on new fact checkers when Trump was elected due to his constant lying. This is another reason that people hate Donald Trump. What’s he lied about? Here are a few.

  • Russia: He said the FBI and NSA have told Congress that Russia didn’t include the electoral process. They didn’t, though perhaps he wishes they would.
  • Germany & NATO: He’s stated Germany owes around $3B to NATO for its defense of the country. NATO doesn’t get paid for defense by its members. Each member agrees to try to spend a specific amount of their GDP.
  • Wiretapping: His infamous, and potentially illegal Tweets about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. Which have now been pretty much debunked by the House Intel Committee which has said there’s no evidence that Trump was under surveillance.

Other Reasons People Hate Donald Trump

All that is just a small portion of reasons why people hate Donald Trump. Other reasons include his admiration of dictators, he didn’t build a business – he inherited it, and his speech that is specifically aimed at causing conflict. Further reasons are that he’s incited his supporters to violence (per a pending lawsuit), he’s made openly racist comments (like how Mexicans are rapist and thieves), and he refused to denounce white supremacist groups who support him.

Others hate Donald Trump because of his constant tweeting about the press, his opponents, and foreign countries in a very Mean Girls, high school sort of way. He rarely ever has support for his accusations and sounds like a small child throwing a tantrum quite often. Not to mention how much time he’s spent golfing, when he said he wouldn’t golf at all if elected. Does everyone hate Donald Trump? Doubtful. Do those that do hate Donald Trump have good reason? That’s up for everyone to decide on their own as most people are still free to have an opinion about things, for or against Mr. Trump.

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