Sinking the Stercorarius

Publisher: 2 Old Guys Games

Authors: Christophor Rick & Michael Spredemann

Sinking the Stercorarius starts on a ship. Unfortunately, it’s sinking. Choose from a boatload of prisoners, soon-to-be-slaves, or society’s elite (perhaps a bit of each?). Start below decks with the ship listing and taking on water for some mysterious reason. Then, if the characters escape below decks, they’ll be on the main deck where tentacled creatures are attacking. If they manage to not get eaten, crushed, or thrown so far that they might never swim back (more likely die on impact) then they get to the floating debris field where they need to assemble some sort of flotation device and make their way far, far from the sinking ship. Lo’ and behold, they find… a mysterious island!

Sinking the Stercorarius adventure cover
Sinking the Stercorarius DCC level 0 Adventure

Sinking the Stercorarius is a complex Level 0 adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games. It is ideal for 4-6 players with 3-4 0-level characters each. Included are 3 themed occupation tables, five new creatures, three new unique weapons, a dozen mundane items, and weapons. High-quality maps for VTT and print are also available with this purchase. Full adventure time runs up to 6 hours. 

Sinking the Stercorarius Expansion Pack

Want to expand your experience and continue the story of Sinking the Stercorarius? Check out the Sinking the Stercorarius Expansion Pack!

The Sinking the Stercorarius expansion pack expands the 2OG adventure Sinking the Stercorarius, the Salty Funnel 0 Level adventure (also available on DTRPG). This collects most of the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign into a single add-on.

  • StS Epilogue – Behold! The Aethernauts Rise!
  • 2 New DCC Classes – The Salty Survivor, and the Unharvested
  • StS Pirate Theme – A new way to play the adventure along with new characters and a Pirate Occupation table.
  • StS Reference Cards – Cards for all the creatures and unique items in the game.
  • Warklaw’s Hand Drawn Nautical Character Sheets
  • Christophor’s Ship’s Wheel Nautical Character Sheets
  • A complete token set for the adventure and the Pirate Theme.
  • VTT Maps for the adventure, the Pirate Theme and the Epilogue.
  • A Salty Funnel stretch goals treasure map
  • Stercorarius streaming template background

Find more information on the Sinking the Stercorarius: Expansion Pack page and be sure to check out the StS Sea Shanties pack.