Deadly Virtue, Heavenly Sin Character Bio: Diligence

I thought that since Diligence was the focus of the first book, he should also be the first character who had his bio printed up here for everyone.

Diligence (male, diametrically opposed to Sloth)

Diligence is an unstoppable force when he is fully focused on something. He appears as a well-groomed, if old-fashioned, man of roughly 30-years in age and quite physically fit and capable. His hair is dark and parted on the right side with the majority combed to the left. He maintains short sideburns but no other facial hair as he deems it not diligent work to maintain it. He wears a silk three-piece suit in a 1950’s style which he made himself from silk he cultivated from silk worms. His shoes are self-made patent leather loafers, he shines them daily. He is often seen wearing a hat, usually a fedora, again, hand made by him.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Day 1 Report: 2,551 Words

November has rushed into my life like a leopard after prey. Today was day one of the new project and I’ve logged 2,551 words with NaNoWriMo. A great first day.

The book title is called Do Diligence. It’s a play on due diligence and is Book I in the Deadly Virtue/Heavenly Sin series.

Here are some of those words that poured forth today.