The Slippery Slope – Day 8-10 – How a Freelance Deals with Project End

Over a week has passed. No word from the client and I’ve started wondering where the days go when I get to their end. For example, the last blog post was on Tuesday and it’s now Friday. I do know where Wednesday went and the girls returned from Florida and I ran D&D that night. But what about Thursday, and half of today?

Seems that involuntary vacation has me super busy with things I didn’t even know I needed to be busy with. All sorts of little things here and there that must have been going undone or been unattended to  are getting more attention now that there’s not much else to do. Like my father says, he’s retired, and busier than ever.

New Client Search

The new client search is ramping up and I’ve been actively searching for new projects on several sites like eLance and LinkedIn. That’s always my first step because often I’ve found a small project that has turned into a 3-12 month gig and gets the income, incoming as it were. I’ve also put the word out amongst some professional contacts that I can take on some work if/when they need it done.

Several offers of work outside of my chosen Creative Services field have been proffered like construction help, expedited delivery driving, and club security. I’m not averse to doing any of those and they’re great to help make ends meet until the next big client project shows up so I’ve got them in my back pocket for now. That’s nice because it takes a little pressure off the subconscious in regards to paying the bills.


I have found that a lot of things I’m interested in need volunteers. This weekend I’ll be helping out at the Midwest Gaming Classic, I’m also helping Dungeons & Dragons organized play in the area (just have to figure out how to get that all done really).

(WordPress lost the end of this post)

The slippery slope of the title is in reference to the fact that I less and less find myself concerned about getting something work related accomplished each day. For example, I watched all of season 3 of House of Cards, that was a 13 hour commitment, hours which surely could have been used for something else.

But I’m not a total lost cause just yet, I still know that there are bills that require income which requires work. I’m just not panicking about it, yet.