Travel Blog: Zagreb Day 1

A 10am train got me to Zagreb, Croatia around 1pm today which was cool. I ran into Brice another couchsurfer who was headed to Tomislav’s place as well so we tramped about a little and then met up with Tomislav and he let us drop our bags at his Internet cafe. Then he gave us one of the most structured welcomes I’ve ever had including maps and suggestions on where to go and what to do…

Here’s the map for those that aren’t familiar with where I am:
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And here’s the resulting gallery of the day’s images:


Here are my basic impressions of the Croatians. As far as being friendly, they are. They’re not friendly like the Slovenes were where random people would talk to you. The Croatians do look you in the eye when they walk past. The Slovenes did not and the Czechs absolutely won’t.

Aside from Tomislav and his business partner I haven’t really chatted with anyone, Croatian that is. Though I’m eager to do so, tomorrow. I think I’ll stay here as long at Tomislav will put me up. I’m thinking maybe Thursday and then I’ll head out to Zadar on the Adriatic coast.

I had the local brew Ožujsko (had both in Ljubljana as well,Union and Laško, nothing extraordinary) and it’s decent enough. Haven’t really eaten all day I guess though I’m not sure how that’s happened. I had some chocolate croissants at the train station when I arrived.

Oh yeah tomorrow. We’re supposed to head out to Plitvica a national park with lakes etc…should make for some great photos.

One thing I do know: I do like Zagreb and the women are very beautiful heh.

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