UnTravel Blog: Re-Adjustments

It’s beginning to dawn on me that at times a certain amount of stability in life is a good thing. It doesn’t mean I’ve giving up my wandering vagabond-like ways or that I’m going to stop causing chaos as the Duke of Debauchery…it just means that some things are easier to do when you’ve got a stable place to do them…One of those things, which I did last night and which made me realize this sort of, was a 2.5 hour conference call with the smashing Heidi, my awesome literary agent for The WifeCycle. Sure we disagree on things like the usage of the word ‘shit’ (HA! I got one in just for you Heidi) and whether or not  comma, and or the needs to be inserted but overall we’re figuratively (and literally) on the same page.

The funny thing about the 2.5 hour call was that I did it in the stairwell of Hana’s building where I could get free Wi-fi from the local pub, Legenda. Since Paypal had yet to get their shit sorted (#2) I couldn’t use my card and therefore had no cash to even buy a single beer. So I couldn’t very well sit in the pub in good conscious and not buy anything.  We didn’t do too badly in regards to reading and editing the book. We pushed through about 60 pages or around 1/3 of the book. Of course we had to table some shit (#3) for discussion as we couldn’t come to an agreement on them.

Since I’m in need of a little stability of the locational variety I’ve been actively seeking appointments to look at flats or rooms in shared flats in Prague. I’ve met with some minor success and have several appointments on Friday and Saturday. I’ve found one flat in particular that has piqued my interest beyond belief based on its location and price. It seems ideal for me and I’m hoping that the owner of said flat and I hit it off so that I get the place.

Another form of stability I’ve realized I need to work on is the financial type. That means a bit more actively seeking clients for both myself and R2 Relations. But that’s already in the works and R2 is working to expand both its services and its client list. That reminds me, I need to whip up a proposal for someone today.

Other forms of stability in my life? Nope, can’t think of any. I think those are really all I need in that respect. The rest of my life can be fluid and chaotic and all the things that make life a continuing adventure. A new adventure everyday. After all, that was the whole goal of my leaving America…breaking free of the humdrum and establishing myself as a writer…Check and Check.

I’ve been doing some proactive things in regards to my writing as well. I’ve contacted a travel magazine about the massive amount of content I produced during the Balkans Adventure 2009 . I’ve also contacted the ever so useful In Your Pocket Guide people about possibly doing some work for them. In general I found them immensely useful, informational and accurate…a far cry better than the piss poor product of Lonely Planet of late. I have no idea if I’ll do work for either place but at least I’m getting out there and looking for the possibilities and doing something about it.

So I am, it seems, finally adjusting to not being on the road and traveling on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to get back to it, it just means that I’m settling in…not settling down and of course in life I never just settle for anything.

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