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Freelance Writing – Getting Back in The Game

I have been working in other industries for the past several years. During that time, I lost track of my freelance writing clients, contacts, and portfolios. Now, I’m working back toward the freedom and independence of the freelance writing lifestyle. That said, I’m nearly at ground zero. So I have to remember how I did it the first time, and do it again.

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Freelance Writers – Spotting the Real Deal

Being a freelance writer is a tough biz at times. Often I get proposals declined with statements like this.

…found someone else with long portfolio and better price…

Here’s why those two things aren’t always what someone should be looking for when hiring a freelance writer. Also, some ways to tell if a freelance writer really is a freelance writer or is a representative of an agency which is like a sweat shop for content or is probably not a respectable to talented freelance writer with the proper skill set. Often I will engage potential clients who send me a message like above and talk about content and quality versus price to determine if there’s some middle point we can meet at to get a small freelance writing project on the books. Continue reading Freelance Writers – Spotting the Real Deal