Why I Love Being a Freelance Writer

It’s been years since I’ve been an active freelance writer. But I’m back at it and rapidly gaining a new client base, and I’m starting to remember all the reasons that I love being a freelance writer.

Being a freelance writer is a tough gig, but it’s also an awesome one and one that I have been freelance writing for 12 years. Alright, for the last several years I wasn’t doing as much as I was earlier in my freelance writer career. I was doing more social media management and strategy. That’s a pretty decent gig as well and there are a lot of those positions available now.

The Freelance Writer Uniform

Lots of people hate putting on pants. I’m not really one of them. However, when I’m working at home, I’m generally in my lounging around the house clothes – a big hoodie, and some lounge pants. Sure, there are plenty of articles that talk about how to dress for success. But when you’re a work-at-home freelance writer, you dress for comfort. I have worked in various outfits over the years and really, I don’t see a big difference in productivity. I don’t feel like I need to nap just because I’ve got comfy clothes on. And, dressing for success is more about how others perceive you and not as much about how you feel in the clothes. Seriously, a suit and tie are not comfortable.

The Freelance Writer Office

My office is portable. All I need is my laptop, phone and the Internet – which is always with me nowadays. That means I can do my freelance writer work from just about anywhere. Sure, I have to put different clothing on when I leave the house to work at a cafe, bar, or library. But it really just means putting on pants since a hoodie is acceptable attire at most places.

It also means that I can work while doing something else. For example, sitting at the laundromat is pretty boring. As a freelance writer, I can work while my clothes are getting clean. I’m also able work while I’m in line at the bank writing emails, proposals or searching for jobs. I can work in the car, when I’m not the driver (I don’t get motion sick in the slightest). I can work on a bus or at the airport or train station or in the park. My office is basically anywhere in the world that I have Internet connectivity. This paragraph almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. I can work in a car, whether near, or afar. I can work on a book, in cafe or by a brook.

The Freelance Writer Workday

Many people live the “daily grind” and go to the same space, at the same time, to do the same thing. Every. Damned. Day. As a freelance writer, every day poses a different challenge, different topics and different styles of work. One day I might be writing about, and this is an actual article I had to write, WEIRD Prom Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know! Later that same day I may write about using a television for in-store product demos, or work boots, or alternative medicine.

The next day I may be focused on streamlining and rewording copy for a website that’s aimed at converting browsers to buyers. The day after that I may be working on a blog piece about being a freelance writer for my own online presence which I’m using to raise my SERP rankings – search engine results page – so that more people might find me when they search for a freelance writer. (see what I did there?)

Why I Really Love Being a Freelance Writer

I have the work ethic of a racehorse and I go all out at whatever project I am assigned. I will do it quickly, and deliver high quality content to my clients to ensure 100% satisfaction. That gives me joy, it makes me smile. I enjoy a client saying “Holy shit dude, that shit is spot on.” Alright, that might be a paraphrasing of some things people have said to me. But that’s what it sounds like in my head.

Freelance Writer Testimonials

What they actually say are things like this.

Christophor came highly recommended from someone who directed us to Upwork. He was very responsive to our request and got work back to us right away. His writing style is clear and action oriented – perfect for our needs. After being disappointed with other hired copywriters, we are very pleased with this project.

And This.

Christophor did a great job summarizing my video project down to a quick-n-easy version I can use on my social media channels. He’s great with integrating feedback, and his turnaround time is boss!


He listened to what I asked for and provided a comprehensive layout strategy to get me started that responded to my concerns. 


Christophor was swamped with work when I approached him, but he communicated his availability and was finally able to take on my project. I couldn’t be more pleased with his deliverables. He was perfect for the job.

And these.

Chris was a pleasant freelance writer to work with. He provided links to his work, asked meaning questions about the work, quickly offered a practical and fair proposal, conducted his own research and produced a very good product for me.

Christopher took the project and hit a home run, providing excellent audio technical ability and a great personality. Will work with any time!!

Whew. So when I say I love being a freelance writer, or more appropriately, a freelance creative services professional (as you can see there’s some video and audio editing in those testimonials), it is reflected in the work I do because I attempt to do it to the best of my abilities.

So, are you looking for a freelance writer? Not sure what to look for? I have a guide to hiring a freelance writer available in my recent articles here.

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