The Journey of Why – Book 1 – First Draft Complete

After 22 months of off and on work, the first draft of the new book is done.

276 pages plus 5 pages of glossary.

The Journey of Why Synopsis:

For generations, the Product has been dug out of the ground, packed up and placed in Storage Wagons, to be carried away by the Locomotor.
The asking of questions gets one ‘disappeared’ often, never to be seen again. But with so many questions needing to be asked how could one not?

Myranda, 12-year-old troublemaker, finally asks one too many questions and gets sent to Administration. This is the first step in a journey that will unravel the fabric of her world. What is the Product? Where does the Trainway take it and most importantly, Why?


It’s sort of throw back, retro, Sci-fi that focuses on the people and the society but develops some twists along the journey. It’s a dark tale of what the future may hold if we’re not careful and contains some social commentary on today.

I have another 300 pages of hand written book to type up which will be the second and part of the third in the series. This first one was exactly 200 pages or hand written and when formatted and expanded stretched to 276.

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