The Search – Day 4 – How a Freelancer Deals with Project End

So yesterday I started doing the things that need doing in order to attract some new clients. I beefed up my LinkedIn presence, I got my eLance profile updated, I updated my portfolio here on my personal space. And then I started searching.

Well, I sort of started searching. I did some searching, really I did! I was just not all that into it. So I ended up just skimming some job posts on LinkedIn and Elance and then moved on to more fun endeavors for the day like catching up on Hulu, starting some D&D crafting and such.

Then, the weather beckoned to me. The dampness and clouds of the morning gave way to clear skies and sunshine. It was nearly 60 degrees and that means motorcycle weather! I put probably a good 30-35 miles on it.

I also had to attend a volunteer meeting for the Midwest Gaming Classic which I have been a part of for the past several years. I did tabletop gaming there the last three years but this year I’m more of a “freelance volunteer” picking up things that need picking up like assisting with ticketing and what not.

Midwest Gaming Classic

It’s an amazing show and if it looks like something that you might like get to it. Plus, Sunday is family day with all manner of great things for kids. Plus, you can take your kids to the arcade room and relive the glory days of the 70s and 80s.

So overall, it was a pretty laid back day. Still did a bit of work for the client, albeit less and less each day now since I’m still waiting to hear back from them on the proposal. But they’re over in Israel and time moves differently over there or something (I’m joking).