The Weekend – 1 – How a Freelancer Deals with Project End

Days 5 and 6 fell on the weekend and so I did what most people do on the weekend, relaxed. Since the regular weekly schedule right now is sort of the same thing, there wasn’t much difference.

I did get a call to come do a short side job on Friday night and so spent several hours doing that. I figure, while I’m on involuntary vacation I might as well pick up a little work here and there as I can in order to make sure the savings pile doesn’t deplete faster than expected.

Other than that nothing much was done. I checked in on LinkedIn once or twice, but as it was Easter weekend things were relatively quiet all around. So I got a lot of things done around the house, and spent a little time with family for Easter lunch.

The New Week

Now it’s Monday and a new week is beginning in terms of work. So I pre-scheduled some things for the client for the rest of the week but am pretty much at the end of keeping things running with no word on my recent proposal. I will probably share this week’s new releases tomorrow and set the rest of the week on auto-pilot so I can start looking for new client more rigorously. I figure a week and a half of continuation at no cost to them is about my limit.

Over the weekend I also accepted a volunteer position as a Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League Local Coordinator. What that all entails has yet to be seen in full but since I’m a huge fan of the game itself and run a couple regularly I thought this might be something interesting.

The Plan

I’ve been trying to think about what direction I want to go now. I’ve been meaning to move toward more video production but haven’t been able to get myself up and running. I have done a couple small projects for some local organizations

Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg men’s roller derby team

The Dinder Brothers Utterly Non-Superfluous Family Circus

I have one marketing video in the works presently and am just waiting on the client to finalize their viewing and notes on the final drafts so that is unable to be shared at present. I also have a few ideas for some comedic videos for YouTube, not really paying gigs, more like some funny things I’ve whipped up. Though, now that I think about it, it would all fall under honing the craft so I might as well get to work on those.

Well, I guess I should stop procrastinating and start doing something today. Sure, blogging counts as something, but it almost feels more like therapy than productivity…

Oh, and it’s Brewers’ Opening Day, so I’ll go waste some time watching that at a local pub, which is also counter-productive in the long run.