Rainforest in a Hotel? Only in Dubai!

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You’ve probably stayed at a hotel that has a sauna, or a whirlpool, or a swimming pool. You may have even stayed at a hotel that has a garden or a wooded courtyard. But have you ever stayed at a hotel that has its own rainforest? Well, now you can, on your next trip to Dubai.

A Hotel with a Rainforest

A New Dubai Rosemont Hotel will feature its own rainforest. Not surprising as Dubai is the city that has a mall with an indoor ski resort. It’s also the city that is working on opening the world’s largest indoor theme park. A private hotel rainforest seems like par for the course in Dubai, kings of over-the-top luxury and decadence.

dubai rainforest hotel

The new Dubai Rosemont Hotel and Residences, with a price tag of around $550 million, is set to not only feature a private rainforest for guests and residents. Also on the amenities list are other awesome things like robot bellhops, and a full-size bowling alley. Plus, a sky pool that is reported to light up with its own stars at night. That’s got to be one trippy swimming session with a great view.

Rainforest Centerpiece

The central amenity for the new Dubai Rosemont Hotel is the massive rainforest, all 75,000 square feet of its highly detailed landscape. It will even have rainforest mists and a rainforest cafe. There will also be water features like fish-laden streams, and waterfalls. And dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs?! That’s right, the Rosemont Hotel rainforest will have a Jurassic-era prehistoric marsh replete with resident dinos, probably. At least, that’s what it looks like in the available renderings. How cool is that?

It also looks like there are set to be tree-level walkways and what they are calling a rainforest sensory rain system. This system is designed to give people the feeling of being in an actual rainforest, without the actual rain. Imagine sounds and lighting elements that will simulate the environment. Sparing no expense, this includes warm, humid air, thanks to thousands of gallons of water that it will recycle through the rainforest. Now that is what a desert oasis is all about!

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