Rules of Engagement – Quick Naval Combat for RPGs

Publisher: 2 Old Guys Games

Author: Christophor Rick

With Rules of Engagement we wanted to create a set of ship-to-ship combat rules. It turned out we were creating a lot of nautical adventures and eventually, people want to be pirates and attack other ship. This short, 6-page, ruleset is modular in nature, and while optimized for DCC, could be used in any tabletop role-playing game with minor modifications.

Rules of Engagement, Quick RPG Naval Combat
Rules of Engagement, Quick RPG Naval Combat

What’s inside Rules of Engagement?

  • A quick 6-page ruleset including cannon combat and boarding.
  • Cannon reloading and firing mechanics
  • Action for all PCs during combat (not just pilots and gunners)
  • Handy dandy reference cards for Combat Action Options
  • INTERACTIVE Cannon Reload and Cannon Hit Trackers
  • Ship Orientation Handout – for determining positions and bonuses.
  • Optional Rules – including Wind, Detailed Piloting, Magic in Naval Combat
  • Ship tokens with and without cannons firing.
  • An Open water map.

All that is jam-packed into an unsinkable package ready to set sail and blow holes in your enemy’s hulls!

In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy….