How I Write Part 7 – Location, Location, Location

You know the old adage that in order to be successful you need the right location? Well ok, not sure if it’s the exact wording but you get the general idea.

This time round it’s actually a two-fold thing. Both in the writing and outside of it.

I’ve got this knack of being able to write anywhere, literally. I think I already mentioned that I write in the toilet sometimes. It’s nice because most people won’t bother you there. Unless you have an insane flatmate or wife that ask you questions like ‘what are you doing in there?’ My response was always “What do you THINK I’m doing in here?” The flatmate on the other hand says “are you in there?” No I just thought I would leave the lights on and the fan running for the floaters, they’re afraid of the dark! Ridiculous people…