How I Write – Part 2

Welcome to the second chronicle following the creation of Myranda’s Story – The Journey of Why. A few things have come to light today. I’ve realized that essentially the chronicling I’m doing here parallels what I’m asking developers to do at Gamers Daily News with the developer diaries. This is essentially a developer diary of the creation of a book or series of books much like they keep diaries about how the game development progresses.

How I Write – Part 1

I thought it might be interesting to track how I write. So I’m going to cover the creation of this new project which I’ve given the working title of Miranda’s Story.

It started when I was recently watching some cool sci-fi at called Wormtooth Nation. I had a flash for a story and had to actually pause the video and start writing. This is how it works a lot of the time. I get a flash of inspiration from something and MUST write immediately.

That flash was enough to give me the impetus to write out the entire outline of the story in a matter of minutes. This was a broad stroke treatment basically of the general ideas I wanted to cover in the story and the skeleton of the story itself.