Eerie Exploration In The DCC Quick Crawl Village Of Death

Another month has passed. The leaves have changed colors and now crunch under foot. But not in the Village of Death!

The Village of Death Summary

An eerie silence reigns here rarely broken by the banging of a sign against a post, or some crates toppling over due to the wind or age. What looks like a recently thriving town is now quiet and creepy. A haze hangs over the place from the dockside fire that has ravaged the warehouses there. Wait, do you hear that sound? As if something were scratching, scratching… scratching to get out and…

The Village of Death Cover

Whether your party arrives at the village from land or by sea, it’s hard to miss the fact that something… amiss. The question is what happened here? More importantly, why did we title it The Village of Death?!

This is the first adventure in The Season of the Sea Witch series which finds the PCs caught in the middle of a struggle between forces more powerful than themselves.

Writer: Christophor Rick

Publisher: 2 Old Guys Games

Layout: Christophor Rick

Editing: Christophor Rick

Available on 2OGGames and DrivethruRPG

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What are Quick Crawls?

Quick Crawls are a subcategory of the Two-Hour Tales adventure series from 2 Old Guys Games. They strive to give a full story that offers players access to each of the three pillars of role-playing games; Social interaction, Exploration, and Combat. (There are other numbers of pillars but this is the one I choose to adhere to) Quick Crawls, like The Village of Death, are made to be run in 2-3 hours and range in since from 4-6K words. This makes them perfect to pick up and play online with less prep time for the gamemaster.

The goal is to create satisfying adventures within the online attention span. We have found that RPG players online begin to experience fatigue or burnout around 2.5 hours. Therefore, we make these low-cost, low word count adventures so they are playable in under 3 hours. There is also enough content and suggestions in them to allow for longer gameplay up to 4 hours, which was the traditional length of a game session at a convention.