Let’s Be Bad Guys Pirates – A new DCC RPG Funnel

I wrote, edited, and did layout and map design on this 17 page adventure for 2 Old Guys Games, LLC. As with our other products, this was approved for publishing by Joseph Goodman, through the Goodman Games 3rd Party Publisher agreement.

Investigate – Formulate Plan – Execute Plan

Players are on a crew that has been assembled for a grand theft nautical scheme. They’re all crew, no ship and maybe no captain. The crew decided the best way to get more fame and fortune is to simply…steal a ship. Now, no pirate worth their salt would break The Pirate Code, and steal from other pirates. So, they have decided to steal a ship that is not property of a pirate, and there’s just such a ship anchored in the harbor today, The Sereneco! While it’s crew is secretive and the ship’s design is odd, it’s the best target in the harbor.

let's be bad guys pirates cover
Let’s Be Bad Guys Pirates Cover

The Quest

The first step is GATHER INFO & MAKE A PLAN. Get to the ship, steal the ship, get out to sea, take your first prize. Huzzah! You’re Pirates now! Unless you’re dead, then you might be warriors in the undead army of the Sea Witch, or Umwansh Lord of the Tides or Pelagia, Queen of the Seas… but that’s another adventure and another story.

This funnel suggests 4 PCs per player using the Pirates Occupation table we have included.

We at 2OG games love a good nautical adventure. We even successfully Kickstarted a big, gonzo funnel called Sinking the Stercorarius. We realize that some people may not be into that sort of weird genre-bending story and simply want something… else. So, we have taken pieces of some things we’ve written and we’ve turned it into a different sort of funnel. In this adventure we’ll make characters with piratical tendencies, send them out to secure a ship, and then sail that ship into some further action. It’s only a wee bit gonzo since the ship is akin to an old Spelljammer.